End of HSCSChallenge

First of all, we want to say a huge thank you to our sponsors, Mentor and 8vc! They have been a huge help, and without them, this contest would not have been possible.

Mentor       8vc

We thank everyone for your participation and patience and will announce winners as soon as we can over the next few days. The final scoreboard is here. If you believe your score should be corrected for any reason, please email us at arnavmohan@gmail.com and we will change your score if your complaint is valid. Thank you all for your participation & we hope to see you again next year! To view your runs and team info, here is the portal to the old software.

Over the next few days we will examine each run submitted by the top teams to ensure that everything was above board, and no cheating occured (e.g. submittting programs that print back the judge data).

In the meantime, congratulations to all our winners!

As of now, the winners are:
1. shoemakerjo (Jonathan Shoemaker from Savio) with 1190 points - $750 prize
2. diesel (Will Fisher, Will Slatton, Jacob Wechsler from LASA) with 1175 points - $500 prize
3. 404NotFound (Nathaniel Plaxton, Guan Lin Wee, Tri Nguyen from Lake Travis) with 1170 points - $250 prize
... and an honorable mention to the 4th place team ayaya (Samuel Tian, Yash Patil, Taka Koutsomitopoulos from LASA), who also swept the packet, but unfortunately got knocked out of the top three for too many incorrect submissions.